The Adopt-A-Median (AAM) program is designed to encourage community groups to adopt designated areas of the public right-of-way with the purpose of transforming and enhancing public spaces. To participate in the AAM program, please download, review and fill out the application and maintenance agreement listed to the right.

This process allows for projects to be completed with no fee permit. There is an average 30-day approval process for programs using standardized plans already vetted by Departments. If proposed plans are non-standard, approval can take approximately 2-3 months. There is a Fast Track option for proposals using standardized plans already vetted by City Departments. If proposed plans are non-standard, approval may take 3 months or more. 

The Office of Community Beautification  acts a ‘conduit’ between the constituent group and the various City entities that are responsible for reviewing and approving a proposed project. OCB staff serve as the main point of contact for the City in regards to project status, and its navigation through the process of approval and permitting. The AAM Program is a “customer-friendly” method of having a project reviewed, approved and permitted, as expeditiously as possible.

Adopt-A-Median Fast Track:

The AAM Fast Track provides an accelerated process for specific types of median beautification projects, using pre-approved components.  The review, approval, and permit process typically takes about 66% less time when using the Fast Track Program. Please contact Gerry Valido, the Adopt-a-Median Program Manager for more information. 




Who can apply?
Generally, anyone may apply to the Adopt-a-Median Program, However, your proposal must fall under certain criteria to be accepted as an AAM project. All the following should have a “YES” response, to be accepted into the AAM Program: 
1. Is the project to be undertaken/constructed completely in the public-right-of-way? 
2. Does the project have positive aesthetic, cultural, practical, educational, or artistic qualities that will benefit the area of the City where it is being proposed? 
3. Is the project sponsored and submitted by a neighborhood-based organization such as a homeowners’ association, Neighborhood Council, improvement association, block club, neighborhood watch group, chamber of commerce, beautification committee, and/or City of L.A. Council Office* (*a City Council Office applying to Adopt-a-Median must partner with a community group willing to provide maintenance in perpetuity)? 
4. Is this sponsoring entity willing to assume the maintenance of the project in PERPETUITY, and willing to sign a Maintenance Agreement to that effect? 
5. Is the total project cost under $100,000? 
6. Does the project maintain structures below 36” in height from the road surface, for freestanding objects, such as street furniture or signage? (Acceptable exceptions to this requirement include, but are not limited to, murals (see section on murals) on existing walls and/or new trees). 
7. Is the project free of improvements requiring extensive technical review such as: alterations to the horizontal alignment of the street (i.e. changes to street width, curbs, gutters, median locations/shapes, or traffic lanes), alterations to water drainage patterns on the street, alterations to traffic lane alignment(s) or street parking, high voltage (120V) electrical equipment drawing in excess of 330 watts, fountains/water features requiring pump equipment, etc…? 
If you answered “NO” to any of the above questions, please contact the Bureau of Engineering office in your district for information on the permitting process.  
How long does it take?

There is an average 30-day approval process for programs using standardized plans already vetted by Departments. If proposed plans are non-standard, approval can take approximately 2-3 months.