Community Events

OCB Calendar of Events

There are a variety of events in every community in Los Angeles that OCB supports. On our calendar you can view cleanup events, other city resource events and additional events from our partner organizations.  If you’re looking to plan your own community clean up event, please visit our volunteer page here.

"I just wanted to extend my thanks for the great service you provided and I am delighted at the quick response and attention placed to my concern. As a new homeowner in the Los Angeles Area, I am pleased and grateful. Thanks!" - El Sereno Resident

"You are amazing! Thank you so much for your quick response and good job removing the graffiti at Morella Avenue yesterday!" - Valley Village resident

"The workers did an excellent job of the graffiti removal for us and we are deeply appreciative of their wonderful work and kindness shown to us. Thank you for the prompt response and for reassuring us that if it appears again, we may contact you again!" - Mar Vista resident

"Please tell everyone there that we truly appreciate their work and that our neighborhood looks amazing because of their continued effort." - Jefferson Park resident

"Thank you so much for helping us host a beautification event in our neighborhood . Everybody on our block applauds you. If only other areas of life worked this seamlessly." - South Los Angeles resident


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