Volunteer Cleanups

Join us!

One of the most popular ways to beautify your Los Angeles area neighborhood is through OCB’s Community Cleanup Program. OCB provides cleanup resources such as tools and supplies to help make your event a success! #BeautifyLA


Find the appropriate OCB contact based on Council District. Search council districts by address or contact our team to discuss your specific community.

Fill out the request form. You must fill out the top portion completely to facilitate the delivery process. The form must be submitted a minimum of two (2) weeks in advance to allow for scheduling of delivery. 

Recruit volunteers! OCB will assist by posting the event information on our City Calendar. Be sure volunteers return all of the tools provided so that the warehouse can pick them up at a later time. 

Address safety the day of the event. Please have a conversation with your volunteers on potentially dangerous items while cleaning. It is the responsibility of the event host/organizer to be sure volunteers are aware of potential dangers while cleaning the surrounding neighborhood of the area they have designated. If you anticipate potentially dangerous items, we advise you to carry a medical emergency kit in the case of small cuts. Any items like needles and human waste please contact the LA Sanitation & Environment. In the event of a serious injury, call 911. 




How can I submit a request? Requests are to be submitted directly to the corresponding coordinator for your area. Email is preferred, though requests can also be entered by call or dropping off the request in person. Do keep in mind, requests must be submitted a minimum 2 weeks in advance for delivery. 

I would like to make a request for tools but it is after the 2 weeks minimum deadline, can you still help? Our office would be happy to assist, depending on warehouse scheduling, you may be asked to pick up and return the tools after your event. 

For additional information, contact the OCB coordinator for your area.


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